Fight with us for a plastic-free ocean ... Little by Little 

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Where? Barceloneta Beach at Espigó del Gas

When? EVERY Saturday at 11:00

Notice: Due to the Corona Virus we are forced to put our Clean Ups on hold until further notice. We hope to be back on the beach as soon as possible. 

Do you want to participate in our clean ups? Awesome! Please register here and we'll e-mail you all important informations about your first cleanup. 

See you soon at the beach!


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Our Three-Step-Approach

Beach Clean Up

1. Cleaning and protecting our beaches

Many dedicated volunteers help us to protect and clean our beautiful beaches and oceans from plastic waste. Currently we conduct weekly clean ups in Barcelona. Join us and fill in the sign up form at the top of this page. 


This is done with profits from every purchase of Southern Shores products   

Clean Beach Initiative

2. Educating the public about plastic

We raise and share awareness about plastic pollution and the use of plastic in everyday life.

By doing this we change peoples mind regarding waste separation and disposal which is as crucial for a brighter and cleaner future.


This is done with profits from every purchase of Southern Shores products

3. Enabling truly sustainable yoga

We found our very own sustainable yoga brand. With this we have the opportunity to not only prevent new plastic  from entering the environment, but also use our profits to bring the Clean Beach Initiative forward.  

The Clean Beach Initiative was founded by the yoga brand „Southern Shores“. “Southern Shores” sells sustainable and 100% plastic free yoga products. However we realized that only preventing new waste from entering the environment by selling sustainable yoga products is not enough. This is why the Clean Beach Initiative was founded. We started by conducting beach clean-ups in Barcelona/Spain, and are currently planning clean-ups in Hamburg/Germany. Our clean-ups in Barcelona have already gained phenomenal traction and each Saturday many dedicated volunteers help us to cleanup the Barceloneta beach. Everyone is highly welcome to join our beach cleanups in Barcelona. We are also very happy about people that want to help us organizing our upcoming clean-ups in Hamburg/Germany.