Plastic in Ecosystems

The Hongkong Plastic Disaster
Plastic in Ecosystems · November 27, 2018
A single ship lost only seven containers, of which six contained plastic pallets. When the storm was over, the water was so polluted that local fishery was threatened. This is an example of how much impact "individual" and "isolated" incidents can have on whole regions and beyond.

Plastic in Ecosystems · October 21, 2018
Every area of the ocean is polluted, and according to a study made by the Ocean Cleanup Foundation, 99.9% is plastic. Around 10 million tons of plastic and other kind of waste entered the ocean only in 2010.

Plastic in Ecosystems · October 06, 2018
Every day 2.000 textile factories dump 280 tons of toxic chemicals and 20.000 tons of waste into a river that is the primary water supply for 25 million people.

Plastic in Ecosystems · September 25, 2018
A vortex of trash that is circling the ocean and distributes plastic into every corner of the sea.

The Clean Beach Initiative was founded by the yoga brand „Southern Shores“. “Southern Shores” sells sustainable and 100% plastic free yoga products. However we realized that only preventing new waste from entering the environment by selling sustainable yoga products is not enough. This is why the Clean Beach Initiative was founded. We started by conducting beach clean-ups in Barcelona/Spain, and are currently planning clean-ups in Hamburg/Germany. Our clean-ups in Barcelona have already gained phenomenal traction and each Saturday many dedicated volunteers help us to cleanup the Barceloneta beach. Everyone is highly welcome to join our beach cleanups in Barcelona. We are also very happy about people that want to help us organizing our upcoming clean-ups in Hamburg/Germany.