Yoga For the ocean

The Clean Beach Initiative is 100% funded through the sale of our sustainable and plastic free " Southern Shores" Yoga products

Yoga for the ocean

Most Yoga Brands convey a sustainable brand image. However this image is hardly ever followed through. Most brands still use plastic and microplastic when it comes to packaging and products. Even if a store presents the product as plastic free: It is common that those products are wrapped in plastic during shipment and are unpacked when reaching the store.

By having close relationships with our suppliers, we are able to assure that our products are 100% virgin plastic free - from production to packaging. If we need to use plastics, we always use recycled options. At the same time sales of Southern Shores products fund campaigns of the Clean Beach Initiative.


Your Purchase helps on multiple levels: 

  • From now on you can do truly sustainable and plastic free Yoga
  • At the same time your purchase supports the Clean Beach Initiative with organizing beach cleanups and preventing more plastic to pollute our oceans



Every sale of Southern Shores products helps us to clean our beaches and educate the public

Your support is everything!

We are a young company and still have a long road to go. And we will need YOUR help to reach the end of this road.

Participate in our Beach Clean-ups

You already made a real difference by choosing our plastic free products. With your purchase you prevented new plastic from reaching the environment. But 86-150 million tons of plastic already reached our oceans. Fight with us! 

Give us Feedback

Do you have an idea about a product we should offer? Do you have an advice on how we can improve our sustainability? Whatever it is you want to tell us. Every kind of feedback is extremely helpful for us. Talk to us here. 

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Do you like our products? Then tell others about your experience and help them to find our sustainable and plastic free products. 


With every rating you will influence others to choose the plastic free alternative.  

Tell others

Tell the people you do yoga with about us. You not only make a difference by preventing plastic yourself, but also by telling others about how they can decrease their plastic use in their "yoga life".

The Clean Beach Initiative was founded by the yoga brand „Southern Shores“. “Southern Shores” sells sustainable and 100% plastic free yoga products. However we realized that only preventing new waste from entering the environment by selling sustainable yoga products is not enough. This is why the Clean Beach Initiative was founded. We started by conducting beach clean-ups in Barcelona/Spain, and are currently planning clean-ups in Hamburg/Germany. Our clean-ups in Barcelona have already gained phenomenal traction and each Saturday many dedicated volunteers help us to cleanup the Barceloneta beach. Everyone is highly welcome to join our beach cleanups in Barcelona. We are also very happy about people that want to help us organizing our upcoming clean-ups in Hamburg/Germany.